Missing Christmas in Canada

Hello everyone! It’s been far too long since I’ve shared on here and I apologize! The past couple of months I’ve been taking online German lessons 3 or 4 nights a week, but I’ve also just felt uninspired to write considering the lack of eventfulness in our lives these days. Starting today, all non-essential stores in Germany must close once again. The charming European Christmas feeling doesn’t feel like much this year and it has me missing Christmas in Canada.

Moving across the globe, I assumed that getting home for Christmas would be a rare thing. It’s a long journey as is, but with unpredictable winter weather and now a toddler, I can imagine the trip would be a tiring one! Thankfully, Germany is a great place to get to celebrate Christmas. Between the Christmas Markets (check the link for my post from last year!) and special Christmas treats available, I feel lucky to live here. But this year has a bit of a dark cloud hanging over it and it makes me want to be home with family more than ever.

We’ve been able to get out for walks a little bit these past few weeks, but the weather here in winter is mostly just cold and rainy. I can tell that E starts to get cabin fever after a while, as do it, so when the sun does come out it’s been so nice!

Chocolate Oranges and Eggnog

As I mentioned, Germany is definitely not shy when it comes to amazing Christmas treats. Last year, I wrote about a few of my favourites here for you to check out. But there are two things I miss that are nostalgic parts of this time of year. Chocolate Oranges and Eggnog.

Chocolate oranges were always something that my mom (or should I say Santa…?) always put in my stocking to open on Christmas morning. You can buy really good orange chocolate here, but it’s not the same as smashing open a chocolate orange on your floor at 5am! To order one on Amazon would cost me the equivalent of $12.00 a pop! It’s definitely a treat I look forward to sharing with little E the next time we spend the holidays in Canada! If you’re a fan of chocolate oranges, let me know in the comments and what other christmas treat you couldn’t live without!

The second popular Christmas treat is Eggnog. Or as every Canadian sees on the french side of the packaging ‘Lait de Poule’ – the direct translation being ‘Milk of the Chicken’. I can see why they went with Eggnog for the english name…

I usually only have Eggnog once or twice a year in the form of an Eggnog latte, but it still marks the beginning of the festive season. A lot of people also enjoy this holiday beverage (which nows hits the shelves by the early fall…) cold with rum as well. The rich, creamy milk spiced with nutmeg is just so warming on a cold, winters day! There’s really nothing like it!

The Big Family Christmas Dinners

I come from a relatively big family that always manages to come together for big holiday meals. Somehow, everyone gets along fairly well (unless there are some secret riffs I don’t know about…) and it’s always a good time. We eat a big turkey dinner with all of the sides: salads, stuffing, cranberry sauce, etc… The dessert is always delicious and we play board games and card games and just have a good time. Whenever Thanksgiving, Easter or, now, Christmas comes around, I really wish I could be home.

Though it’s not easy, I hope everyone is keeping a small circle this year and staying healthy. Being so far from home during this pandemic always has me worried that there may be someone I love that I won’t see again. It’s a crazy reality. Thankfully, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and soon enough we’ll all have other things to talk about!

Leave a comment below of your favourite Christmas tradition or treat that you look forward to every year and how you are coping this year with the global pandemic.

I’m looking forward to 2021 (dare I say it…!) and Merry Christmas and Happy New Years!

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  1. I will definitely miss your Christmas baking and fabulous desserts that you make for Christmas dinner. I haven’t really gotten into Christmas much this year. I didn’t put up the big tree or all the house decorations and I’m feeling sad that we can’t have the big family get together and that it wouldn’t be the same even if we could because of all the other changes that have happened in our family this year.

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