Visiting a Renaissance Fair in Germany

Autumn is hands-down my favourite season, though when spring rolls around you may hear me say the same thing… The cooling weather and the changing leaves make this time of year feel like a fresh start. Regardless of the pandemic, I am enjoying my second Autumn in Germany, especially our little outing to visit a Mittlealtermarkt (Renaissance Fair) a couple of weeks ago.

visiting a renaissance fair in germany

By this time last year, Kirmes (the fair) had already been through town twice. I also remember walking through large street markets that closed down several roads and were packed full of people. Pre-corona life seems like a world away and it’s crazy to think that we could still be dealing with this for a year or two or more.

Even though I know everyone is worn down by the pandemic (I’m tired of hearing about it too), I think it’s good to keep talking to keep the perspective. In Germany, it’s now worse than it was back in March, but people want a normalcy that we probably won’t get again for a few years. So, as a reminder to myself and anyone else reading this: stay strong, wear your mask, sanitize your hands, and continue to social distance. We’re all struggling but we will get through it! Even our 16 month old claps her hands together whenever I pull out the hand sanitizer! My corona-baby knows what’s up!

The Renaissance Fair

The first time I visited a Mittelaltermarkt in Germany was last spring (2019) when I had just arrived in Germany. Kloster (monastery) Graefenthal is not far from where we live in Goch and they host outdoor markets and Renaissance Fairs throughout the year. Though set hundreds of years back, visiting a Mittelaltermarkt was a great introduction to being in Germany and I was excited for the next time we could go!

A couple of week ago they were hosting another Mittelaltermarkt so we decided to go and get some fresh air. It was definitely a different experience from the first time around since mask wearing was mandatory and you couldn’t walk around freely with food and drink. I also remember there being more vendors selling their wares the first time around, so it was a bit smaller.

While we didn’t buy anything, some of the things for sale included liquors, handmade soaps, renaissance clothing and weaponry, and pottery. They also had a man teaching archery and an entertainer juggling fire! Definitely an all-around family friendly outing!

Now, as we’re gearing up to enter the Christmas season, I feel lucky that we have mild weather where we live so we can continue to enjoy the outdoors. I do miss our occasional visits to the mall and I will definitely miss the Christmas markets this year since I’m not sure I’d want to visit even if they’re open. But with an extremely active child, going to the park is much more fun anyways!

What kind of things will you be doing this Christmas to stay safe? Leave a comment below and please subscribe if you don’t want to miss when I post next!

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