Popular Food Flavours in Germany

One of the things that I like to do when travelling is visit local supermarkets. I find it interesting how different countries have different food flavours that they find more appealing. The different food flavours that are popular here in Germany have been a bit surprising for me and today I want to talk about!


Last fall, I wrote about how grocery shopping in Germany is stressful and briefly mentioned that Paprika flavoured chips are the most popular in Germany. In Canada, I’m used to seeing flavours like BBQ, nacho, or the Canadian classic: Ketchup.

Not only can you get potato chips with Paprika flavour, but you can even buy instant mashed potato cups in this variety. It’s definitely not my idea of a tasty snack, but if all I had left in my kitchen were instant mashed potatoes and a kettle, it would have to do!


If you already know a little bit about German cuisine, you’ve probably heard of Currywurst. Wurst, meaning sausage in German. It’s a popular street food in Germany made up of cut up, fried Bratwurst covered in a curry-ketchup or tomato-curry sauce. It originated in Berlin in the late 1940’s.

Now, you find Curry Ketchup readily available in supermarkets, but also other curry-flavoured items such as deli meats, potato chips, and instant noodles.


While, I think, paprika and curry are quite common spices used to flavour foods, something I had not heard of until moving to Germany is Waldmeister. The name of this herb literally translates to ‘Master of the Woods’, but in English it is most common called ‘Woodruff’.

The most common way I’ve seen Waldmeister is as a soda syrup flavour, but it’s also popular as a liquor, jello, and also ice cream. After trying it myself in soda form, I can confirm that the Wikipedia description of Waldmeister as a moth deterrent is not too far off. Sorry, Germany! Though Waldmeister is not for me, if you like strong, earthy flavours, it’s always worth a try!

Now I’d like to know what food flavours are popular in your country. Please leave a comment below. If you’re Canadian, too! I somehow couldn’t think of much myself without being able to go to a Canadian grocery store.

If there are any topics in particular about Germany that would like to know more about, let me know in the comments! Thank you, as always, for reading!

6 thoughts on “Popular Food Flavours in Germany

  1. Moth repellent sound like such a lovely flavour.😝
    It’s definitely not my go to, but I know that bacon flavoured items are popular in Canada.

  2. Hi Carmen,
    Honestly, you picked out the most distgusting things our supermarkets have to offer 😱. I mean ALL that are in your pics!!!
    But for sure, they would not be there and sold if not at least a few people would buy them.
    Sad enough!
    Luckily, almost all countries have such kind of things to sell…
    By the way, I use sweet pepper flavor a lot in my cookings. And curry. Love it!
    But I cant stand potatoe chips and Waldmeister at all 😁.
    Keep going with your very interesting experiences. Its funny to read and learn about our quirky behaviours. Be sure we know about them. But it does not bother us πŸ˜‚.

    1. I guess it’s similar to Ketchup chips in Canada. So many people love them, but they are definitely not for me! Thank you for your insight on these products as a native German!

  3. Based on what I use a lot of, I would say garlic, teriyaki sauce, balsamic vinegar are popular here.

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