Photo Tour of Goch, Germany and Taking More German Lessons!

Welcome back! I haven’t really talked much about where we live, so today I wanted to share a photo tour of Goch, Germany. It may not be the top must-visit German tourist spots, but I’m really enjoying our time here. And as you can see by the title, I’m finally taking more German lessons!

It’s definitely been a challenge keeping up with this blog, I don’t know how some moms can do it all! But I keep getting positive feedback, which has been really encouraging, so thank you for reading!

Taking German Lessons

Currently, life looks pretty similar day-to-day, but I’m really excited to be taking German lessons again. I took lessons a few times before moving to Germany, but my skills definitely need improvement.

Normally, to stay in German longer than 3 years according to my Visa, they wanted me to take a German Integration course. With the birth of my daughter and now the pandemic, I was wondering what I was going to do. Thankfully, as long as I can take a test to prove my German skills are B1 level or higher, it’s still ok.

Online Classes with Lingoda

Starting today, I’m going to be doing a ‘Language Sprint’ with the online language-learning company Lingoda. What it means is that I will be doing 15 online classes per month for three months. With so many classes in such a short time, I’m excited about the improvement that I will see.

I’m not entirely sure what to expect from the online classes, but a couple of things that intrigued me were that class sizes are for 5 or less people and also that classes are available 24 hours a day. Perfect for a busy mom life myself!

I’m planning on keeping you updated on how the language classes are going and would also like to write a review of the experience at the end for anyone interested.

Wish me luck!

A Photo Tour of Goch, Germany

At this point, I have taken so many photos of the town. I’ve spent a lot of time outside with E going for walks while she napped when she was really little and now just to get out and visit the park. It’s not a large town and I could walk through it in a day if I wanted, so I have a lot of the same photos from different seasons.

I’ve pick out photos of different areas from different times of year and I hope you enjoy this little glimpse into where we currently live!

This is the area of the Stadtpark (City Park) closest to our home. There’s a small playground but lots of grass and area to walk around.

The Catholic Church is the middle of the town. A lot of the churches in the area we live look quite similar to this one.

After walking though the park and past the church I like to walk along this path – the Niers Wanderweg (The path along the Niers River which runs through Goch). After visiting the old water wheel, it opens up onto another large park.

Once I walk past the second large park, I make it to the Steintor (Stone Gate) which takes me to the Rathouse (City Hall).

I hope you enjoyed this look into where we are living in Germany. If you want to see more photos of what we’re up to, you can find me on Instagram here. To see more about what the region we live in has to offer, you can read about my post on Xanten, Germany here!

See you again soon!

4 thoughts on “Photo Tour of Goch, Germany and Taking More German Lessons!

  1. Having visited Goch in the summer, I enjoyed seeing your pictures of it during the other seasons. I would enjoy seeing pictures of the downtown on a busy day and the streets heading to the train station. That can be for another blog. I also would love to continue to hear about the progress you make in your German lessons and perhaps interesting phrases or words that you have been learning as you go through your course.
    Thank you for such an interesting blog.

  2. Good to read about your life in a new country,very exciting learn all you can while living there,maybe one day your jobs will bring you back to Canada.God bless&stay well that’s our motto these days

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