The 3 Things I Miss About Canada

Sea to Sky Gondola Squamish, British Columbia Canada

I’ve been living in Germany for almost 18 months now, I can safely say that there isn’t too much I miss about my home country. I do love Canada, but I can find everything that I need here, for the most part. There are 3 things, however, that I do miss about Canada…

Little E exploring our local park…

Before I dive into todays topic, I thought I’d share a little bit about what we’ve been up to this summer. It’s been relatively uneventful travel-wise, but our daughter started walking at the end of July and it’s been so much fun. Germany is currently experience an increase in COVID-19 cases, so we are sticking to outdoor park-play for the moment, but that’s really all E needs. I love that we have a park down just down the road and we can visit the ducks while enjoying the greenery and fresh air.

As far as Germany goes (at least for our region), summer has looked a bit different. Last year, there were street markets and Kirmes (the fair) that makes its way from town-to-town throughout the summer months. I’m not sure when these things will be brought back, but I have a difficult time imagining Germans without their beloved Christmas markets in December…

Naturally, I am missing my friends and family back in Canada quite a lot. The pandemic feels like it has created a lot of distance between us and it’s been challenging. As a mentioned in the beginning, I can get most everything here in Germany that I’m used to having, but there are just a couple things I miss about life back home…

The Mountains

The Canola Fields in Germany

One of my first impressions of the Niederrhein (Lower Rhine) Region in Germany where we currently live, is that there are no mountains. Being so close to The Netherlands, as you can imagine, it is quite flat. In the springtime, the canola fields are in bloom and the vastness of the yellow fields are quite beautiful, but I miss that mountain view.

The mountains are 1 of 3 things that I miss about Canada
Off the Malahat Highway on Vancouver Island

I grew up in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, which is quite a mountainous region. We were also surrounded by mountains when we lived on Vancouver Island as well and so it has been a bit of change.

There are, of course, mountains here in Germany, it’s just a bit of a drive to get there for us. They can be found in Bavaria in the south, with the Alps bordering Austria and Switzerland. There are also the Harz Mountains in the middle of the country as well as the Saxon Switzerland region just south of Dresden in the east.

Grocery Shopping

Last December I wrote about how grocery shopping in Germany is stressful and as time goes on, my stance on this subject has not changed. Thanks to the pandemic, I’ve learned a bit better how to plan ahead and shop less often. Still, it’s now just another chore that I don’t enjoy doing.

I can buy mostly everything here that I want as far as food goes, but the lack of some comfort foods does not go unnoticed. Some of my favourite foods that I ate while pregnant and just before moving here, I cannot get: toaster waffles, white cheddar popcorn, (good) bagels, and large tubs of almond butter to name a few. Food is such a personal thing, and I do find it difficult sometimes when I’m missing home and also can’t get the things I used to love.


The first car I owned was my Grandma’s old Honda Civic and that thing could do doughnuts in a frozen parking lot like nothing! Sorry, Grandma, but it’s true! About a year before we moved, I upgraded to a VW Rabbit and it was so much fun to drive. I really felt sad to let it go.

While I have driven a few times since moving to Germany, it’s just not the same. There is so much more traffic here and driving is more stressful. Back in Canada, driving on an empty highway can be a freeing feeling and almost relaxing while enjoying the scenery. In Germany, it’s rare to find highways that are empty. Sure, the parts of the Autobahn with unlimited speeds are fun, but there is usually still a lot of traffic.

Port Renfrew, Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Port Renfrew, BC – October 2018

I’m sure after I’m able to visit Canada easily again, I will discover more things that I’ve missed, but I’m thankful that I feel at ease living in Germany. But I’m curious to know, if you were to move away from your home country, what would you miss the most? Leave a comment below and thanks for stopping by. Hopefully I’ll be back here again soon!

3 thoughts on “The 3 Things I Miss About Canada

  1. That is a hard question to answer. We have talked about spending the winters in a warm climate but have realized that we don’t want to spend that much time away from our family and friends. Like you, I too would miss my favourite brands of food and I would also miss our view and the scenery, the smell of the pine forest and the fresh orchard fruit that I grew up with.

  2. Having a son who moved to Europe 21 years ago it would definitely be family. It is always wonderful to experience culture in other parts of the world but coming back home to what we know best is our comfort zone and happy space. Food differences are also high on the list. Hopefully time will come soon when we can experience travel again.


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