Self-Isolation in Germany Update

I’m back today with another update on self-isolation here in Germany! Though, in Germany, life has been trying to go back to normal. Shops and hair salons have now reopened, but we have to wear masks everywhere we go. It definitely takes some getting used to and can be quite annoying to wear a mask while shopping. I, however, feel like it’s such a small price to pay if it does end up saving lives.

The past month, my husband and I have taken it upon ourselves to expand our plant collection. While he takes care of the indoor plants, I’ve got my herb garden going strong and ready for a summer of enjoying cocktails and fresh salsa. (Though the tortilla chips in Germany really aren’t that great, sadly…) It’s been a nice distraction and a good way to keep occupied when you can’t go anywhere.

Visiting the Doctor in a Pandemic

Visiting the doctor is never fun and having to go in a foreign country is even more challenging. Unfortunately, my daughters checkup happened to be right in the middle of a pandemic. I was a bit nervous to go, even though the Covid-19 numbers here in Germany are actually quite low at the moment. Thankfully, it was better than I expected.

I’m sure it’s similar in a lot of places, but the waiting room was almost empty, just me and one other patient with their child. The protocol now is that people call ahead before going to the doctor, and it makes for a much faster experience when you have a pre-existing appointment. There were no toys, books, or magazines to keep occupied with, but since I didn’t have to wait an hour or more like I had before, it didn’t really matter.

I will say, however, that the requirement to keep you child sitting on your lap while in the waiting room is almost impossible with an 11-month old!

Hiking in the Kleve City Park

One of the things we hadn’t yet done since moving here is hike to the top of the park in Kleve. Kleve is a larger town in the area we live in and we go there frequently for shopping. While being so close to the Netherlands, we don’t live in a mountainous area at all, but the park in Kleve has a bit of a hike that we can do with a monument at the top of it.

While I’m itching to get travelling again, which could perhaps be summertime for Germany, for now we are settling for (but actually enjoying) seeing our close surroundings. I’m hoping to go back to Moyland Castle again to see the gardens, since our last visit was in the fall. It’s only a 10 minute drive for us and a great local attraction.

Leave a comment below of a place in your area that is a must-see attraction that you’ve perhaps re-discovered since the pandemic!

4 thoughts on “Self-Isolation in Germany Update

  1. Well Carmen I haven’t been any further then Penticton but I sure enjoy your blog. I too went to the Penticton to get a growth taken off my face and there too all was very quiet and I had absolutely no waiting . Sure makes a difference on ones attitude to go, get done what needs to be done and go home! Stan made me a raised bed for fresh veggies and herbs ,all fenced in and sprinklers automatic, it is amazing.I had better make sure I use it to it’s full potential,a lot of work went into it. Love you all and miss you as well. Take care Gramma S.

  2. Hi Carmen. I am enjoying reading your blog, and the pictures are beautiful. All that green space and not a person in sight!

  3. I was enjoying the first birthday pictures of Elly today, and I thought of a question which may be interesting to answer in a future blog: Do you speak both German and English in your house on a day-to-day basis? Do you speak one more than the other? Are you raising Elly to understand and speak both languages equally? What plans do you have regarding this?

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