Welcome to 2020!

Frohes neues Jahr! Happy New Year! Welcome to the year 2020!

My New Year’s Eve, or Silvester as it’s called in German, wasn’t an overly exciting day. People did, however start setting off fireworks at 8:30am! People here go a little more crazy about fireworks in Canada and they’re even sold at the grocery store!

While we didn’t stay up until midnight, once the clock struck 12 everyone was setting off their fireworks, so we got up to watch. Even on our own street the rockets were being set off! It felt special sharing everyone else’s excitement of ringing in the new year. Even our almost 7-month old girl, who was awakened by the loud noise, thought that the bright lights were pretty cool! It took about an hour for all of the fireworks to settle down, but even then, I was still hearing them at 2am! Germans sure love New Years!

I hope that everyone is enjoying the start to a new year. 2019 brought a lot of change for me and I’m looking forward to seeing what 2020 has to offer! Leave a comment below on your favourite moment from 2019!

Stay tuned for next Wednesday when I’ll be back to sharing more Germany related content!

7 thoughts on “Welcome to 2020!

  1. Well that is an easy one!
    My favorite moment of 2019 was getting hold my grand daughter for the first time.

  2. Mein Lieblingsmoment im Jahr 2019 war auch unser zweites Enkelkind im Arm zu halten. Sie hat uns sehr glücklich gemacht. Wünsche allen ein gesundes neues Jahr.

  3. Well it’s hard to choose one thing but I guess my favourite moment of 2019 would be the day my granddaughter was born! I still can’t believe how much it feels like she is my very own baby; I love her that much!❤️

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