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Christmastime is upon us, once again! This is probably my favourite time of year. However, what I don’t love is trying to figure out what to buy people for Christmas! If you know of anyone in your life who loves to travel, my travel lover’s gift guide is here to help you out!

*Disclaimer* I use affiliate links for the products below, which means I may earn a little bit of money from anything bought through those links. It doesn’t cost you more, but it does help me out!

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Travel Gear

Briggs and Riley Backpack

I have been using my Briggs and Riley backpack for a long time now. It’s taken me on some long trips and held up to wear and tear. If you know someone in need of a new travel backpack, it has tons of space, and you could even put a lock through the zipper of the main compartment when travelling, making it extra secure! This item is definitely the priciest on my list at over $200, so it’s probably best suited as a gift for a close loved one, however Briggs and Riley Products also come with a lifetime warranty so they are well worst the investment!

RFID Blocking Passport Holder

For a budget option at $20, this passport holder and travel document organizer also has RFID blocking technology to keep your personal info safe. It’s nice and compact and also comes in 4 different colour options.

Travelon Anti-Theft Crossbody Bag

This particular travel bag is great because it looks like a normal, stylish bag, however it comes with RFID blocking protecting, the material is slash-proof, and the zippers can be locked. If you know someone travelling somewhere known to have lots of pickpockets, this is a great option for them. My mom has a Travelon bag and says the quality is great and would definitely recommend them!

Travel Books

You can ask my dad, but he almost always gets a book from me for Christmas. He loves books and travel, and perhaps I secretly just want to be able to read them too…

National Geographic: Destinations of a Lifetime

This book is definitely on my wishlist! National Geographic books always have the most beautiful images to really pique your interest. This is a great book for all the dreamers out there looking for interesting adventures!

Lonely Planet: The Travel Book

Another book any travel lover would love to receive; it goes through every country of the world, highlighting interesting facts about each one.

Lonely Planet: The Travel Book: Kids Edition

This kids edition of the book above is a great way to get kids inspired to travel the world!

Travel Games

While most of us have iPads that we travel with nowadays (I feel old for saying ‘nowadays’…), sometimes it’s nice to have a physical game to play and get off of our screens while travelling. Perhaps not good for trips where you want to pack light, but if you’re headed to a resort or on a car trip where you have more room, they’d be great to bring along.

Scrabble to Go

The classic board game that not everybody loves, but everyone’s Grandma has at least one tucked away in their game cabinet (my Grandma has at least 3, I think. Sorry, Grandma. I love you!). But it’s a great brain-game and perfect for leisurely holidays. My parents actually own this travel version and you can close it up mid-way through a game and the pieces stay in place!

Table Topics To Go: Travel Edition

This game provides prompts on different topics to talk about. You can easily pack these cards along with you for your trip and would also be great for long car rides. You can even open it up Christmas Day and get to know your family members a little better!


Dingbats Travel Journal

If you know anyone who loves to write, this would be the prefect travel journal. I purchased it myself when I first found out I was pregnant last fall as a Pregnancy journal and the quality is top notch. There’s a spot to keep your pen as well as pockets on the inside for travel receipts someone may want to keep for memories. They also have a smaller version of the same here and there are different animal options and colours for the cover.

World Scratch Map

I would have loved to have one of these when I was a kid, and actually, I would still love to have one! The particular map lets you scratch off individual Canadian Provinces and US States. Not only is this a fun gift for kids and adults alike, but also a nice piece of art for your walls!


KeepCup Reusable Coffee Cup

While this travel mug is made of glass (durable, however), not insulated and not spill-proof, here me out on this one. As someone who loves good coffee and also worked as a barista, this is really a great travel mug. Of course, it’s not for long backpacking trips when you want hot tee at the top of a mountain, but great for roadtrips and more relaxed holidays. I’ve had my KeepCup for several years now and I love bringing it along. The sizing of them also follows coffee shop standards but the glass makes it easy to clean, which is why I love them. Fill the cup with some chocolates and it would make a perfect gift!

Travel Jewelry Organizer

I don’t know how this is the first time I’ve seen something like this, but it’s such a good idea! Whenever I travel, I put everything in a little box and it all just gets tangled up. It’s even compact enough to slip into a carryon so you wouldn’t have to worry about losing your valuables if your luggage gets lost while flying.

Premium Travel Cocktail Kit

For the last gift on my list, I’ve included this travel cocktail kit. What I love about it, is that it’s probably not something someone would buy for themselves, but it’s fun and a great way to make airplane travel more interesting!

I hope this helps with your Christmas (or Birthday or any other time you want to buy a gift for someone) shopping or at least offered a little inspiration into your gift purchasing!

In case you missed my last post, you can read it here, and don’t forget to come back next week for more travel tidbits!

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